Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Vernon would SO kick Cynthia's Ass

Ok, so rumor at the courthouse in Decatur today is that Cynthia may get the mother-of-all-primary challengers. Yes folks, Vernon Jones, CEO of Dekalb County and frequent controversial figure in politics, may be eyeing to run for Congressional District 4 in the Democratic Primary.

While I appreciate the loyal following Cynthia has, it's nothing compared to the cult-like following of the political machine that is Vernon Jones. I firmly believe this match-up is bigger than Mark v Cathy, and would completely polarize South Dekalb. Why is this good? because it will crank-up, make that NUCLEAR Crank-Up, the South Dekalb turnout both in July and November. Your thoughts? (not that I care, i'm just pretending to be nice).


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