Friday, April 07, 2006

So it is official...

Sam Zam is retiring...and Nan Orrock is taking his place.

What is the likelyhood of a crowded primary? Very likely. What is the likelyhood of the establishment getting behind Rep. Orrock? They already have.

In a press conference hastily put together by Edison Group opperative Melissa Abbot (also of SEIU fame) many party leaders were on hand to cheer their favorite ally in the legislator on her run for office. Seen in the Audience: Richard Ray, Chuck Bowen, Kasim Reed, Curt Thompson, Pam Stephenson, Howard Mosby, Kathy Ashe, Pat Gardner, Tasso Knight, Doug Polly, Page Gleason, Trip Cook, Kyle Bailey, Tim Cairl, Joe Binns, and Billy Joyner.

Apparently Danny Orrock, son of the Queen of Intown and also of GeorgiaWatch fame, was out of town. Conspicuously absent: Allen Thornell.

Rumors abound that Mr Thronell, of the SEIU and formerly of Georgia Equality, is looking to take Nan's place in the House of Representatives. The district is majority black, but only barely. Moreover it will be a crowded primary, almost certainly. Key constiuencies in the district are the old guard of black leadership, the growing gay population, and a surprising number of young profressional couples.

Can't wait to see that race develop.


At 12:46 PM, Blogger PoliticallyBlonde said...

That's an impressive slate of supporters, you'd have thought Nan was running for US Senate. Not even our US Senate candidates get that kind of Nan in 2010?


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