Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Don't let the door hit you...

So, Insider Advantage is reporting that Mickey Channell will switch parties today. No real suprise there - Channell has been voting with the GOP for many years now and the only Democratic vote he ever casts is the one for speaker (oh, wait, not even that one). However, after discussing the matter with several people close to the "party switching process" one has to wonder, why?

Turns out that the GOP is very elitist when it comes to membership. (SHOCK!) They have made it clear that there is no room in the leadership for former Democrats and they will even have to take a back seat to the several freshmen in the GOP ranks.

Despite that, a few names to watch for possible switches:
Butch Parrish
Richard Royal
Johnny Floyd

For what it is worth - Royal is in a Democratic distict by most standards and the other two are in swing districts. Switch at ye own risk, yall.


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