Wednesday, April 26, 2006

...and the horse you rode in on

Yeah, we hate it when we're right, but the new count for Democrats in the House is 76 thanks to Johnny Floyd joining Mickey Channell, Richard Royal, and Butch Parish in switching parties. I hope they enjoy being the new freshmen in the Republican caucus, cause that is sure what they will be treated like.

More on qualifying later - no huge surprises so far to report, just a few rumours being debunked or confirmed:
Bill Stephens is in fact going to run for SOS.
Steen Miles is in fact going to run for Lt Gov.

On the Senate side, things that don't make sense:
Adelman, Henson, and Von Bremem have GOP opponents
On the Senate side, things that do make sense:
Golden and Powell have GOP opponents

Things to watch -
Any statewide office (particulary Labor Commissioner, which seems to be the only quite race thus far)
the 4th Congressional Dem Primary
The 6th Congressional GOP Primary
the 8th Congressional Dem and GOP
Sam Zamarippa's old Senate seat
Steen Miles' old Senate seat
Nan Orrocks old House seat
Who qualifies as primary challengers to: Michele Henson, Doug Dean, Mike Jacobs, Stephanie Stuckey, and Sharon Beasley Teauge
Who Qualfies as the GOP challenger to Kevin Levitas

Questions we want to know the answer to:
Do the Democrats qualify anyone in the 4 party switcher races?
Does Charlie Norwood know he is now in the 10th congressional district?

update: apparently someone fixed the Norwood thing, he's now in the right race

more later...


At 6:25 PM, Blogger PoliticallyBlonde said...

don't you find it odd that the people that originally backed Steen for Senator are now endorsing her opponent Jim Martin?

Where's the love for the ladies?

I suspect Steen Miles & Nadine Thomas will be hanging out together soon in a south dekalb home near you - the "we was tricked by our own caucus" club.


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