Friday, February 03, 2006

The LBC is Targeting Their Own Democrats

Rumor has it, that the Legislative Black Caucus is making the rounds in the latest "Let's Take Out White Legislators in Majority African/American Districts". Latest Rumor on the Hill Today was that Karla Drenner has been targeted by much the same type of campaign that attached Michelle Henson 2 years ago.

Increasing race numbers in the state house should not come at the expense of a legislator who votes with your caucus nearly 100% is not already 100% of the time. Jeesh what a bunch of idiots. Instead of focusing their money and power on a non-friendly seat like, oh I don't know, say Sue "KKK" Burmeister, the LBC has decided to pick on the lone lesbian in the state House by recruiting an African/American challenger into Drenner's primary.