Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Fundraising Numbers Prove, Democrats Do Not Like To Give...to Each Other

What we've all known for some time, the GOP takes better care of its own.

"ATLANTA - Republican legislators have contributed more than $2.4 million this year to the state GOP - 14 times as much as Democratic lawmakers have given to their party.
The Republican Party has spent more than $3 million in political advertising by the end of September, most of it on campaign ads for Gov. Sonny Perdue. It will also run "get out the vote" campaigns to urge Republican voters to go to the polls Nov. 7.
"Our members are better at raising money than the former majority party, from top to bottom," Senate President Pro Tem Eric Johnson, R-Savannah, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "Our people understand this is a team sport."
Johnson donated $110,000 from his campaign account to the party, but House Speaker Glenn Richardson, R-Hiram, contributed $275,000 from his campaign account and another $100,000 from his political action committee, the newspaper reported.
The top two Democrats in the General Assembly, House Minority Leader DuBose Porter of Dublin and Senate Minority Leader Robert Brown of Macon, have given their party $20,000 and $2,000 this year."


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Brilliant Stupid

Morton Brilliant resigned as Campaign Manager of the Cathy Cox campaign today. He did so after the Taylor campaign accused him/CC of changing Taylor's Wikipedia entry to include information about Taylor's son, Fletcher, who was invovled in a automobile accident and charged with DUI.

Stupid move to change the entry - but was it really worth losing his job over?
1) he didn't lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, or do anything else overtly unethical
2) No voter reads Wikipedia to get information, at least not on any scale that matters, so it isn't like he was "using Fletcher" for political ends. The presence of the story in the AJC archives does more to that end, and Brilliant can't control that.

So, Brilliant may be guilty of being an idiot, maybe guilty of being addicted to Wikipedia (perhaps he enjoys adding what he knows to it), but I don't think he was being particularly malicious. Oh well, I wonder who will take over?

...and the horse you rode in on

Yeah, we hate it when we're right, but the new count for Democrats in the House is 76 thanks to Johnny Floyd joining Mickey Channell, Richard Royal, and Butch Parish in switching parties. I hope they enjoy being the new freshmen in the Republican caucus, cause that is sure what they will be treated like.

More on qualifying later - no huge surprises so far to report, just a few rumours being debunked or confirmed:
Bill Stephens is in fact going to run for SOS.
Steen Miles is in fact going to run for Lt Gov.

On the Senate side, things that don't make sense:
Adelman, Henson, and Von Bremem have GOP opponents
On the Senate side, things that do make sense:
Golden and Powell have GOP opponents

Things to watch -
Any statewide office (particulary Labor Commissioner, which seems to be the only quite race thus far)
the 4th Congressional Dem Primary
The 6th Congressional GOP Primary
the 8th Congressional Dem and GOP
Sam Zamarippa's old Senate seat
Steen Miles' old Senate seat
Nan Orrocks old House seat
Who qualifies as primary challengers to: Michele Henson, Doug Dean, Mike Jacobs, Stephanie Stuckey, and Sharon Beasley Teauge
Who Qualfies as the GOP challenger to Kevin Levitas

Questions we want to know the answer to:
Do the Democrats qualify anyone in the 4 party switcher races?
Does Charlie Norwood know he is now in the 10th congressional district?

update: apparently someone fixed the Norwood thing, he's now in the right race

more later...

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Don't let the door hit you...

So, Insider Advantage is reporting that Mickey Channell will switch parties today. No real suprise there - Channell has been voting with the GOP for many years now and the only Democratic vote he ever casts is the one for speaker (oh, wait, not even that one). However, after discussing the matter with several people close to the "party switching process" one has to wonder, why?

Turns out that the GOP is very elitist when it comes to membership. (SHOCK!) They have made it clear that there is no room in the leadership for former Democrats and they will even have to take a back seat to the several freshmen in the GOP ranks.

Despite that, a few names to watch for possible switches:
Butch Parrish
Richard Royal
Johnny Floyd

For what it is worth - Royal is in a Democratic distict by most standards and the other two are in swing districts. Switch at ye own risk, yall.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Vernon would SO kick Cynthia's Ass

Ok, so rumor at the courthouse in Decatur today is that Cynthia may get the mother-of-all-primary challengers. Yes folks, Vernon Jones, CEO of Dekalb County and frequent controversial figure in politics, may be eyeing to run for Congressional District 4 in the Democratic Primary.

While I appreciate the loyal following Cynthia has, it's nothing compared to the cult-like following of the political machine that is Vernon Jones. I firmly believe this match-up is bigger than Mark v Cathy, and would completely polarize South Dekalb. Why is this good? because it will crank-up, make that NUCLEAR Crank-Up, the South Dekalb turnout both in July and November. Your thoughts? (not that I care, i'm just pretending to be nice).

Friday, April 07, 2006

So it is official...

Sam Zam is retiring...and Nan Orrock is taking his place.

What is the likelyhood of a crowded primary? Very likely. What is the likelyhood of the establishment getting behind Rep. Orrock? They already have.

In a press conference hastily put together by Edison Group opperative Melissa Abbot (also of SEIU fame) many party leaders were on hand to cheer their favorite ally in the legislator on her run for office. Seen in the Audience: Richard Ray, Chuck Bowen, Kasim Reed, Curt Thompson, Pam Stephenson, Howard Mosby, Kathy Ashe, Pat Gardner, Tasso Knight, Doug Polly, Page Gleason, Trip Cook, Kyle Bailey, Tim Cairl, Joe Binns, and Billy Joyner.

Apparently Danny Orrock, son of the Queen of Intown and also of GeorgiaWatch fame, was out of town. Conspicuously absent: Allen Thornell.

Rumors abound that Mr Thronell, of the SEIU and formerly of Georgia Equality, is looking to take Nan's place in the House of Representatives. The district is majority black, but only barely. Moreover it will be a crowded primary, almost certainly. Key constiuencies in the district are the old guard of black leadership, the growing gay population, and a surprising number of young profressional couples.

Can't wait to see that race develop.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A State Senator Retiring Soon?

Word on the Washington-side street is that a certain in-town state senator, who hasn't been at the capitol long, is retiring. Apparently being in the minority party isn't so much fun when national and local websites are calling for his head.

Anyone in midtown interested in taking his place?

Friday, February 03, 2006

The LBC is Targeting Their Own Democrats

Rumor has it, that the Legislative Black Caucus is making the rounds in the latest "Let's Take Out White Legislators in Majority African/American Districts". Latest Rumor on the Hill Today was that Karla Drenner has been targeted by much the same type of campaign that attached Michelle Henson 2 years ago.

Increasing race numbers in the state house should not come at the expense of a legislator who votes with your caucus nearly 100% is not already 100% of the time. Jeesh what a bunch of idiots. Instead of focusing their money and power on a non-friendly seat like, oh I don't know, say Sue "KKK" Burmeister, the LBC has decided to pick on the lone lesbian in the state House by recruiting an African/American challenger into Drenner's primary.